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The UK’s leading student
events and promotions company

Welcome to the UK’s premier event company, run by students, for students. We pride ourselves in providing top quality entertainment offering a range of different events. Whether you’re part of a society, sports club, or want to organise something for your group of friends, we will make sure we cater for your wishes.

If you’re after the loosest weekly nights in Loughborough or Durham, special one off sports and charity pop-ups around the UK or a blockbuster charity boxing event in your local university city, we’re the people for you.

From our weekly events in Durham (CCTV Wednesdays at Babylon & D.A.N.C.E Mondays at Loft) and Loughborough (Fraternity Saturdays at Revolution), our famous one-off club special events on a Sunday (Wild Crawl, Arrows and Sin Sundays), our Pangea Music artist-led events and of course our infamous Wilder Student Fight Night charity boxing events… if you want wild, we bring you wild. Guaranteed with every ticket.

We are all about making sure you have the best time, and we also make sure you don’t forget it…

Found yourself on one of our highlight reels? Make sure you get tagged and win a free round of shots at our next event!

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